Have you ever used a rain stick?

You may be a professional who practices mindfulness as well, or someone that is interested in easing their anxiety. A rain stick can be a powerful tool in learning how to self soothe, overcome anxiety and become more mindful.

I have used rain sticks with my clients, although not with all.  I like to work with clients based on their needs and what type of technique they can benefit from.  And to be honest, not everyone has liked working with the rain sticks.  

Rain sticks are in the moment, each piece of gravel, colliding with the cactus needle inside, in sync to the motion of the user. One’s troubling thoughts can trickle away, with each passing movement.  This is the process that allows the client the space to use sound as a gateway to relaxation.  The client self guides their level of intention and presence.  If you have ever held a rainstick, you know that the angle in which you hold it will either speed up the sound or slow it down. Now focus that physical intention, with what is happening in your mind.  Allow your mind to focus on the sound and use your hands to guide the speed.  Do you need a rush of rain to flow out or a gentle passing of the sound?

Although, rain sticks may not be part of everyone’s culture, the sound has been welcoming for all of my clients. From little ones to older adults. We have even made some before ending our time together.  I have included the link below because this is an art activity that can be done in session with a client or on your own if you are unable to purchase a rain stick.  I have also utilized videos on Youtube of rain sounds.  But you miss the opportunity of taking control of the sound and physical attunement process. 

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Rain sticks are said to have been used by the Aztecs to entice the rain gods into bringing them rain. Rain is essential for our livelihood, and I imagine the Aztecs may have responded in a frenzy as time went by without the essential resource. What if, the Aztecs created the rain stick in a response to this frenzy?  The chaos that could incur if substantial time had passed without this resource. Could the sound of rain, have helped them soothe anxiety, and to cope during trying times?  

How Rain Sticks Can Aid Your Mindfulness Practice
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