An Easy Mindfulness Exercise for Beginners

If you are just starting out in your mindfulness practice and are looking for an easy mindfulness exercise then this is it.  Opportunities for mindfulness are everywhere.  It starts with the intention to be open and utilize those chances.  Meditation can promote the mindset needed for a healthy mindful lifestyle.  You can learn more about starting your own mindfulness program here.  In this article I focus on one statement that is an easy mindfulness exercise for beginners.

But in order to use it to the fullest you must understand that you are an observer to the images and thoughts that occur during the meditation.  Images and thoughts may intensify or dissolve, always originating from you.  They are a reflection of you, and nothing more.  You don’t have to direct the scenes but sit back and watch them pass by.  You must allow that what appears during the meditation is apart of the process.  Allow the thoughts, feelings or images to come and go.  The main part is understanding and allowing.

Once you understand the process and accept it, you can do this very simple and easy mindfulness exercise.  Repeat to yourself that “meditation is allowing what is” for 1 minute.  Set your timer on your phone as it’s unfair to you, to continue to feel that you need to keep opening up and checking the clock during your meditation time.  Do this easy mindfulness exercise for 1 week, acceptance and allowing is a huge component of mindfulness.  If you want more short mindfulness exercises then look here.

easy mindfulness exercise

How can this easy mindfulness exercise help me?

Life throws many curve-balls. We are imperfect, we are human.  We need to be able to accept life’s strange occurrences, to continue to move forward.  This activity promotes that skill to be able to notice or observe the a small fraction of the internal processes that pass over you each day.  We don’t have to chase after each thought, feeling or memory.  I truly believe mindfulness is freedom.

With mindfulness we understand that life has difficult experiences and we can build the skills necessary to handle difficult emotions with greater ease.  Life experiences can leave us wanting to avoid the pains that can follow.  A mindfulness coach can help you process occurrences that have happened that have left you with negative messages and feelings.  Then work with you to build effective skills and tools necessary to overcome challenges.  If you are struggling, contact me so I can help you resolve those messages and help you learn that you can move forward in ways that are kind, loving and effective.


An Easy Mindfulness Exercise for Beginners