Utilize Acceptance

The best way to meditate is to acknowledge and accept what meditation is.  Meditation is temporary freedom from thoughts and during meditation we are in a fully awake thought-free state.  We are not asleep but instead in a complete stillness of the mind.  The best way to meditate is to work towards this stillness and the serenity it can bring.

Many people try to use force when starting their meditation practice.  Some may start their practice desperate to achieve a peace of mind.  Unaware that it is futile the more we make forceful attempts at driving away the thoughts.  This kind of behavior sets the person on the wrong track because meditation cannot be achieved through force.  People who use force will not learn how to meditate properly and will not truly reach peace of mind.

Practice Patience

Think of a running river, when it is flowing fast you can barely see through.  Bubbles, leaves and the movement of the water itself prevent you from seeing through to the bottom.  If we wait for the river to calm down then we begin to see how clear it is.  In the meantime we cannot force the river to slow down.  This calmness and clarity in meditation is achieved when we accept the movement of our thoughts and allow our minds to learn to calm down.  With enough practice it becomes easier.

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The best way to meditate is not to avoid thoughts.  Have you ever tried to Not think of something and instead the thought became incessant?  We can lose our minds with creating this kind of resistance and can make meditating just for a minute difficult.  Simply avoiding thoughts disrupts the meditation process, and is discouraging.

Surrendering in Meditation

Surrender. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself.  Spend a week trying to not to think about lizards.  Yes, lizards, then report back at the end of the week.

Remember that during meditation we do not try to force our mind to be silent but we allow it to settle down on its own.  The best way to meditate is to not try to push our thoughts aside but allow them to become silent on their own.

The Best Way to Meditate
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