Basis of Christian Mindfulness Exercises

Mindfulness is rooted in bringing awareness and attention to the current moment.  The act of mindfulness welcomes any faith.  During my work as a mindfulness coach, I have worked with people of varying faiths.  Christian mindfulness exercises are helpful in bringing you towards your faith and allowing greater awareness when doing so.  Regular mindfulness exercises promote an ability to have greater focus.  It gives your mind more capacity to fill it with loving thoughts and kindness.

Live in the Present with Christian Mindfulness Exercises

Our world is highly complex, mindfulness bring a certain level of simplicity.  Christian mindfulness exercises promote living in the present moment. You are choosing to live you life by doing one thing at a time, not multitasking and instead cherishing the moment.  The birds, the flowers and other creatures that were brought to this earth are tools in which you can divert your attention to and find peace with.  To welcome these feelings and transform our minds we must recognize their existence.

Each moment, is all that we need.  Go outside, sit down and feel yourself breathe in the air that was given to you.  Feel the firm ground under you and the sounds of the creatures that fill the space.  Fix your thoughts on what is happening in the moment and allow the thoughts that occupy your day to day to take a backseat.  In this exercise you are utilizing love and acceptance to drive the present moment.  Whether the neighbors dogs are barking or we are flooded with the sound of cars we are maintaining an eternal perspective.  In Christian mindfulness the idea of the eternal perspective maintains the idea that every moment is now.  We are accepting the moment for what it is.

You will find that going outside, sitting in nature and feeling the presence of God in all that you find during your time outside will help you clear you of the distracting thoughts normally present in the day.  This regular practice of caring and openness of the heart gives you the chance to refocus on what matters.

Find Strength with Christian Mindfulness Exercises


An easy way to transition to Christian mindfulness is to utilize your favorite scripture as your path.  Essentially allowing this scripture to provide guidance, strength and become your mantra during this time of meditation.  Meditate on this favorite scripture by repeating it’s words for 10 minutes. Use your breath to focus on each word and help carry the sound.  This will help center you, renew your spirit and faithfulness.  Giving you the power to physically embody your faith.
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Christian mindfulness exercises are a direct way to connect the heart and mind while utilizing your faith.  Mindfulness is based in Eastern philosophies but there are many ways to adapt it and allow its benefits to work for you.  A mindfulness meditation program can give you the foundation to implement these exercises mentioned in this article.  A mindfulness coach can work with you to provide guidance and assistance with achieving your peace of mind.


Christian Mindfulness Exercises