Daily Mindfulness Exercise starts with Commitment

Incorporating daily mindfulness exercises begins with intent.  Mindfulness carries with it many benefits when implemented regularly.  By making a commitment to practice mindfulness and meditate you may reap the benefits of having a greater sense of well-being, learning a life long skills of achieving stress reduction, and improved concentration and focus.  The biggest improvement to your life that you may see with daily mindfulness exercises is the increase in happiness.
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Excuses Get in the way of Daily Mindfulness Exercises!

In the time it takes you to cross a street, you can practice mindfulness.  The issues is that many people stop before they even get started.  How many people do you know that stated that they tried to meditate however, “just can’t” or “but stopped”.  What do you think is in the way of meditating as daily mindfulness exercise?  Your age, experience level or spirituality interests should have nothing to do with it.  If you ask most people they will say that meditating is too hard or obscure or takes up to much time to start to learn.

Breaking the Barriers towards Daily Mindfulness Exercise

Anyone can easily learn how to meditate and make it effortless to do.  It only takes a few minutes a day.  Find time between 5 to 10 minutes in your day to start your daily mindfulness exercise.  When you get up or just before bed are two opportunities to find time to meditate.  How much time is it worth it to you to find peace and calm?  If you don’t think that 5 to 10 minutes is enough, think of how much time that would be after a week or a month?  All of that time and practice increases and is a huge payoff.  I’m not asking you to sit on a mountain top but to create more space in your life for a better and more mindful you.

I want you to repeat the words, “I’m meditating right now” for one minute.  Set your timer and repeat after me while looking at the countdown on the timer.  What did you experience?  Did your shoulders relax?  Did the sounds around you fade for a bit?  Did you start your journey down a tunnel and away from daily expectations?  Congrats!

In just a few minutes a day and a commitment to meditate you can start to do daily mindfulness exercises easily.  I have gone over the two major excuses that people use.  Meditating is not hard and you can do it daily if you make time for it.  If you would like to expand your mindfulness and make a commitment towards building a greater and better life, start here.  

Meditation as Daily Mindfulness Exercise
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