What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is not a religion although it is incorporated into various religions. Mindfulness is a discipline that enables individuals to lower anxiety, depression and become more focused in daily endeavors.

How Can Mindfulness be Incorporated into Art Therapy?

To begin a healing arts meditation you will want to gather some materials. I often look on google images for mandala outlines. Find the image you like and print it out. This will be your starting point to begin visualization meditation.

Color in the mandala and place it on a wall several feet away. In a relaxed, seated position, softly gaze at the mandala. Find a comfortable place to rest your eyes and begin to take a deep breath. Focus your breaths while softly gazing at the mandala. If your mind, eyes or body begin to deter from their relaxed state, gently guide them back to Breath and the center of the mandala.

Meditation is a special time for yourself. Regular mindfulness meditation exercises will allow you to live in the present moment and enjoy life more. The few minutes that you spend engaging in this practice will pay off by allowing you to live a fuller life. Meditation is an investment. Take the time away from the daily rush to relax.mandala healing arts meditation mindfulness

While meditating, thoughts will wander in and out, so try not to analyze, or become pulled into an emotional attachment. Think of meditating as the act of gazing at the blue sky and our thoughts symbolized as the clouds that float by.  

It is easy to get lost, and quite fun, to allow our imagination to morph clouds into various shapes and creatures but then we begin to associate the shapes into events or, “stories” that we get lost into. The present moment, and whatever beauty was had is lost.  A gorgeous day at the park becomes a tale of dinosaurs and fairies.  

This is not what we want in meditation!

Stay focused and present and these acts will carry over into your world even when not meditating.  Be kind to yourself because in the beginning, your mind will be like a runaway horse which is perfectly normal for this healing arts modality.  


Meditation Recommendations:

  1. Remember that mindfulness is not a religion but a discipline, be open to the experience knowing everyone can benefit.
  2. Meditation is free so get started today!
  3. The “Eating One Raisin: A first Taste of Mindfulness” should be on everyone’s bucket list.
  4. Let go from your day once a day. Pause and set a five minute timer to allow yourself to do deep breathing exercises. For a quick reboot.
  5. Begin meditating once a day for twenty minutes and work your way up to two, day and night.
  6. Healing arts that go well with meditating:
      1. Journaling before and after.
      2. Art reflections before and after.
      3. Meditating to sound, such as with a singing bowl, rain-stick or drum helps tremendously if you have a “wondering mind”.

How to Incorporate Art and Mindfulness Meditation