How to Create Your Own Mantra

There are many simple tools that can help us enhance our well-being and satisfaction.  Some of these are very easy to design and use, but it is important to adapt those strategies to our particular situation.  An example of a simple and effective strategy is to use mantras.

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What is a mantra? In the practical sense, it is an affirmation that we repeat to ourselves. This affirmation is positive and oriented to the improvement of our well-being, our mood and other aspects of ourselves.  It is an affirmation that can reflect a goal, a state or a feeling.  For example, a mantra can be “I am at peace” or “I choose to be happy”.  A mantra can be a single word in some cases (like “peace” or “love”) or a quote.  Mantras can be used not only during meditation, but also in our daily lives. To make the most out of a mantra, it is important to identify with our own mantra, because that way it will be focused specifically on an issue or goal that is significant for us and it will have a stronger meaning.

How to create a mantra?  The first thing to consider is what you want to achieve with it.  Do you want to feel calmer?  Do you want to reaffirm your self-esteem or remind yourself of a specific feeling or idea?  Consider what you want to achieve with that mantra.  Once you have an issue or goal in mind, think about the best way for you to phrase it.

You can try different phrases until you find one that is comfortable for you to say and to remember.  Try saying it out loud and writing it and see if you feel that the mantra sounds genuine or if it sounds forced.  If you are just not feeling it, see which phrasing would work best.

In general, an important guideline for making a mantra is that it needs to be an affirmation and avoid negatives (like “I won’t feel sad anymore” or “I am not angry”).  It’s better to keep it short to make it easy and comfortable to say.  You can look for examples of other mantras for inspiration, however, a mantra you create can mean more to you.

How to Use Your Mantra

Once you have your mantra, you can write it down and put it somewhere you will see it.  You can put it on the bathroom mirror, for example, or somewhere else where you can look at it.  You can put it as a reminder on your phone or in your car, wherever you feel it will be most comfortable for you.

You need to repeat the mantra at least once day for several minutes.  You might repeat when you are feeling a certain way or in certain situations, for instance, when you are especially stressed. You may also chose to repeat it in at scheduled times during the morning and in the evening.  For example, if your mantra is centered around your self-esteem, you can repeat it while looking at yourself in the mirror in the morning and the evening.  If you meditate, the mantra can be repeated to help you focus and block other thoughts from entering your mind.

You Don’t Have to be Married to Your Mantra

If you feel that the mantra is not effective or that you have reached your goal, then you can always change it.  To create a new mantra, you need to repeat the process by establishing a goal or issue, choosing the best phrase, trying it out and using it several times during your day.  The right mantra will help you a lot in your daily life and can be a way to feel more positive emotions.

Using a Mantra in Your Mindfulness Practice
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