What is Mindfulness Therapy?

Mindfulness is moment to moment awareness done non-judgmentally.  Mindfulness therapy is done within this realm of awareness under the guidance of a trained professional.

Mindfulness programs are available through the assistance of therapists, life coaches, even books and apps.  If you are going into a program alone, without any outside assistance then I suggest you complete the program as presented without skipping around.  Skipping around can cause further anxiety and trigger your inner critic.  As a professional, I like to do mindfulness exercises relevant to the material the client has brought into the room.

Tips for working with a mindfulness therapy app or book.

Do not cram the program into your lifestyle. Cramming will only cause more anxiety. Instead, schedule or set time aside each day to work on this program. Again, start and complete the program as presented without skipping around.

Most programs are designed as a series of exercises and should be completed systematically. Mindfulness is something to be built upon gradually.  If you can’t wait to go straight through from beginning to end, then skim the program quickly. You might want to ask yourself, why you want to finish so fast.  After you’re done skimming, go back and work through the program as advised.

Be patient with yourself and the program can help you physically and mentally.  If you get stuck, slow down and back up.  The majority of the work will be your commitment that you make to yourself to monitor your mind.  The other work may consist of daily relaxation sessions and weekly journaling.

The goal is to have long term mental and physical health benefits.  This requires you to actively incorporate mindfulness therapy skills and education into your routine behavior. The more you work towards routinely integrating the concepts the more you will be successful. It may sound like a lot of work however I believe that people are more resilient and capable than what they give themselves credit for. You can always call upon the help of a professional if you need it.

Utilize time, energy and commitment. 

Staying Motivated in Your Mindfulness Therapy Program

You probably have mixed feelings starting your mindfulness therapy program.  You may have heard that mindfulness is great for treating anxiety but now you’re feeling anxious about starting. Feeling slightly more anxious at the beginning of any mindfulness program is completely normal.  Allow yourself to feel the extra anxiety or uncomfortableness.  

The bottom line is that you are heading towards change which can be scary and ignite fears.  Remember your motives for changing when experiencing any physical symptoms of anxiety.  Your thoughts, feelings and actions are all connected.  Negative thoughts can cause uncomfortable feelings of distress.  Notice these thoughts and adjust them by focusing on what you have to gain from lowering your anxiety all together.  

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Remember be: patient, compassionate and respectful towards yourself.

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Starting Your Own Mindfulness Therapy Based Program