The Beauty in Why Do We Dream

Dreams are an escape from the demands of everyday life.  Life is complex with so many people and difficult situations that are out of our hands. Why do we dream but to feel masterful about our lives.

A disadvantaged individual may have to sacrifice his many ambitions because he does not have the tools to satisfy those aspirations.  They have to suppress many longings and face several disappointments regarding trivial joys in life.  These internal struggles lead to stress, frustration and turmoil.  He works hard during the day to make his living, causing greater difficulty in giving expression to his passions.

At night he is free to imagine all of his ambitions, through dreams.  When dreaming he can be the richest or most important man in the world, and nobody can stop him because in his dreams he is his own boss.  Something that feels incredibly unattainable in his real life.  Through his imagination he is satisfied.

False satisfaction assists the individual with coping with daily stress and makes life bearable.  This satisfaction is temporary because it only lasts the duration of the dream.  Whether your desires are material, emotional or intellectual dreams serve this vital purpose.mindfulness therapy losangeles
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The Trouble in Why Do We Dream

Dreaming can get us in trouble when we spend too much time in the imaginary world and not in the real world.  This can cause a disconnect in our day to day lives and make it more difficult to face real world problems.  Dreams can give clues to solving life’s problem but we can’t waste our time in excessive day dreaming.  Abraham Lincoln said, “If you want to be successful, keep your head above the clouds and feet firmly grounded on the floor.”  

There is a healthy balance between the pursuit of happiness and not forgetting reality.  If we lose contact with the ground there is a possibility of perpetually drifting in the dream world where growth is stifled.  If we want to make our dreams come true, daydreaming is not sufficient.  We must put forth action to make them happen.  Mindfulness can help you untangle the thoughts that are getting in the way of you achieving your goals.  With mindfulness you can increase your focus and gather extra energy to do what you need to do to make your dreams happen.  

Why Do We Dream?
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