Art Therapy

Malaysha Castillo, Registered Art Therapist #15-297

Art Therapy can be helpful to those who need mental health services and find it difficult to speak about their struggles. Instead, that person can use art as a means of achieving their treatment outcomes. Similarly to other forms of therapy art therapy is conducted by a trained mental health provider. I’ll ask you questions and give you art assignments to help you! This means of conducting therapy can be useful for trauma, making life transitions or discussing matters related to depression or anxiety. You can learn more about me here.

Online Art Therapy Services

Art Therapy

Art Therapy for Trauma

  • heal trauma with guided drawing
  • record trauma progress through projects
  • create safe spaces to process and store the trauma

Art Therapy for Mental Health

  • learn how to manage mental health disorders through a creative means
  • attend to self care and healing while addressing mental health concerns
  • break away from traditional and historically difficult talk therapy

Goal Setting Vision Board

  • see your goals and plan for the New Year
  • identify priorities and steps towards progress
  • process and overcome obstacles from the past