Online mental health services

Individual Therapy & Art Therapy

Individual therapy is a sacred space, a cocoon of introspection where the threads of your life are delicately woven together, revealing the tapestry of your experiences. You come as you are, and I will meet you non judgmentally. Individual therapy is like a conversation with the self, guided by a compassionate therapist. Together, we can traverse the landscape of emotions, to overcome conditions such as trauma, anxiety or depression.

Group Therapy

In group therapy you form a community to propel you towards your own self discovery. It’s a journey where you reclaim the pen and ,within the presence of your peers, become the author of your own narrative. Group therapy starts with an assessment to see how you may benefit. Similarly, to individual therapy there will be group therapy goals based on your current mental health needs.

Couple Therapy

Couple therapy is transformative. It’s a partnership of healing, a dance of words and emotions, where you learn to embrace your authenticity and honor the chapters of your life that have shaped you both. We spend time exploring each person’s family history and how that impacts your current relationship. Then we dive into current issues, identify triggers and learn new means of conflict resolution while strengthening your bond.