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Am I dating a narcissist?

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Am I dating a narcissist, important traits

You may know narcissists as braggarts, blowhards or mirror gazers.  They are often portrayed on reality TV because they can charm their way into the audience’s heart.  A narcissist can also be described as lacking empathy or deep regard for another.  Unfortunately these traits make navigating a relationship difficult and their behavioral tendencies may leave you questioning, “Am I dating a narcissist”?

Am I dating a narcissist, the truth

Well, the truth about narcissism is that we’re all a little narcissistic.  In fact it can be fun to be a narcissist.  Don’t believe me?  Think about the super bowl.  Together we are narcissists.  During the super bowl with our painted faces, coveted recipes, and stringent team rivalry we are deep in narcissism.  At that moment, no one can tell me my 7 layer nachos are “wrong” and you better believe that you’re not taking me away from the halftime show!

And if we dive a little deeper and expand our focus a bit we can see how our narcissistic tendencies are even present in our own country as we become divided politically. Within this political perspective you have a side and your counterparts are either “In” or “Out”.  We can begin to see dehumanization tactics that emphasize a greater divide.  And if you took anyone too far on one side of the political spectrum you might just call them a narcissist. 

Am I dating a narcissist, what to do?

All in all, please understand that any of us can be narcissistic.  What we need to do is take a step back and ask if the relationship itself is healthy.  Let a healthy relationship be your compass.  If you’re unsure what a healthy relationship looks like, I offer online mental health services that can help you re-discover relationships.  At the end of the day the relationship is either healthy or unhealthy. 

Diagnosing a personality disorder such as Narcissistic personality disorder requires a full diagnostic from a qualified mental health professional.  In the meantime, you may have urges to take an online quiz.  But understand, that chances are if you are truly dating a narcissist, they will be resistant to any kind of behavioral requests.  Don’t fall into a trap of sacrificing your own happiness and sanity to someone else.  Taking an online quiz can be fun but you still need to balance living a fruitful life.  If you’re spending all day researching this issue and taking the same quiz repeatedly it’s time to get help.

During this journey of dating a narcissist you may find yourself needing your own mental health professional who can provide ongoing guidance.  If you’re looking for a qualified online mental health professional that can assist you please contact me here

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