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Improving Black Wellness and Black Mental Health

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Black Wellness Tips

  • Take steps forward!  If you don’t move forward you will not find out where you will thrive.  Michael Dawson,  a political scientist coined the term, “linked fate”.  This means that Black people may feel their destiny is tied to the destiny of other Black people. One Black person’s success really is another’s success!  It may take some legwork but finding a Black therapist or doctor is a few searches away. 
  • The African American community has a history of mistrust due to mistreatment from the medical community.  The provides a safe resource to have your health questions answered.  The AAWP empowers the African American community to improve health outcomes and wellness.  
  • Address childhood trauma when it occurs.  Children and adults need to have discussions after traumatic events.  Those who do not receive guided discussions or treatment may suffer into adulthood.
A story of resiliency can be part of your trauma narrative. Contact me for services to help restore yourself after trauma.
  • See mental health services as a necessity not a luxury.  Mental health is a critical foundation of your health and cannot be overlooked when discussing Black wellness.  Taking care of your mind, is taking care of your body which will help you address the needs of your family and community.
  • Do not shy away from your needs and health.  If your current provider is not supportive, find a provider you can openly communicate with.  When you walk away from your health visit, you should fully understand your symptoms and current state of health. 
  • Choose platforms that allow you to pick a Black provider, if that is your preference.  Not talking about one’s race in therapy is leftover from white supremacy and white culture.  Platforms that do not allow you to input “Black” into their search feature place an unnecessary burden on you, the client. 

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